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Jan. 28th, 2010


(no subject)

This post is in reverse written order because I'm going backwards through all my entries to find this shit, lol

g, shinwoo x minyeo
100+ words
love is about seeing beyond what's right in front of you, seeing past your own limited vision to the bigger picturel

whoever said love was blind got it all wrongCollapse )

pg, hankyung x heechul
150+ words
then hankyung files the lawsuit, and heechul comes to grips with reality
a/n: for eleclya111, who gave me the base

heechul and hankyung met, years ago, and casually fell into some kind of unspeakable, unexplainable relationshipCollapse )

g, hankyung x heechul, heechul x shiwon
300+ words
Heechul crawls into Shiwon's bed that night and Shiwon wraps his arms around him immediately, holding him close.
a/n: for coyotecolored, a result of this picture

hankyung is in Beijing and they are in Beijing, but they might as well be an entire world apartCollapse )

brand new
g, changmin + yunho
600+ words
changmin and yunho prepare for a comeback
a/n: Kind of incomplete. May never be completed or edited. lol I blame coyotecolored and the following conversation. This turned out less cracky and more serious than I intended. Whoops.
Credit song title ideas to my friend Rachael, thundersquall, and my iTunes playlist (for inspiration).

Me: jfldsajldfj ayumi releasing a single. trax releasing a mini-album. soshi and suju albums. homg i really hope that stephanie wasn't kidding when she siad csjh would return in 2010
Fuu: lol suju? you must be joking :| half the band is MIA
Me: eeteuk brought it up, though!
Fuu: Eeteuk lies
Me: and since when does members being missing mean anything to sme? 8D
i bet homin will release a dbsk album *nod*
okay i'm just kidding there
Fuu: lol
I would actually think that is the funniest shit ever

when they tell them that they will be releasing a mini-album in 2010 after all, yunho's eyes light up and changmin's narrowCollapse )

small surprises
g, tiffany (+ kyungsan)
200+ words
Moving halfway across the world to pursue a nearly impossible dream is the most spontaneous thing Tiffany's ever done in her life, and she doesn't regret it a bit. But she knows she would definitely regret spending any more time with a child than absolutely necessary.
a/n: inspired by conditionally's "Baby Blues"
dedicated to xiao_baka, cruel_disorder, miduhyo, haldir, and any other soshi fans on my flist just because

it isn't that tiffany doesn't like children...Collapse )

the one who yaks
yakko (animaniacs)
250 words
sometimes yakko wonders what things would have been like if he hadn't been born first.
dedicated to mytigerhobbes

deep and introspective shit, yoCollapse )

Crazy Love
g, changmin x junsu
200 words
He knows it will hurt to walk away from his family, friends, an entire life laid out for him since he was born - but what can he do now that he's come too far to turn back?
a/n: prompt from seouldout - CRAZY
Crazy Love lyrics by DBSK

it's foolish desperation and unfocused desireCollapse )

overcoming the biggest obstacle: yourself
g, changmin x yoona
800+ words
One month later, Changmin is taking shots with Jaejoong over ddeokbokgi, wondering where he went wrong with his brilliant plan.
a/n: for _ochre

despite his limited experience with dating, he likes to think that he has girls figured outCollapse )

guilty pleasure
g, jonghyun x onew
300+ words
"I LOVE LEE JINKI!" you shout, loudly, boldly.
a/n: a result of a conversation with naninande

Jinki is that embarrassing little guilty pleasure that you eventually realize you love just too much to be embarrassed by, so fuck it, the world must know.Collapse )

Jan. 14th, 2010


(no subject)

In an effort to support the victims of the Haiti earthquake, help_haiti is holding fandom-based auctions. Visit the community for more details. I am offering up fanfic, if you'd like to help. My thread is here.

List of other Kpop fandom participants here.

Dec. 28th, 2009


(no subject)

two parts effort, one part fate
g, yehsung x ryeowook
1000+ words
two worlds in which yehsung and ryeowook almost meet, and one in which they do
a/n: for kwonmisun, part of the 2009 miracle_ss

When JongWoon first met RyeoWook, he mistook him for a girl.Collapse )

(no subject)

playing to win
nc-17, yehsung x ryeowook
450+ words
Ryeowook holds him until he stops jerking in his arms, body going slack against his. It's the least he could do, really.
a/n: Battle Royale!AU. Ryeowook loosely based off of Mitsuko, though which interpretation he's closer to, I'm not entirely sure.

Ah... it h-hurts, Ryeowook whimpers, turning back to wince at Jongwoon.Collapse )

Dec. 20th, 2009


(no subject)

anything for a friend
pg, eeteuk x taeyeon, shiwon x taeyeon
1800+ words
Jungsu doesn’t like the tone in her voice, nor does he approve of the admiration painted so obviously across her face.
a/n: As you probably figured out from the pairings, this is based on the Seoul Song MV. Sorry that I kind of fail endings. :(

taeyeon tells him about Mr. Gorgeous Behind on a Sunday afternoon.Collapse )

(no subject)

our love
g, ryeowook (slight henry x ryeowook)
300 words
the reminders that music is the same in every language are beginning to mean less and less these days.
a/n: Based on their recent appearance at 100% Entertainment, where I noticed Ryeowook seemed a little out of it at the beginning, but got into the swing of things during the second segment.

ryeowook smiles while everyone else laughs, his throat clenching up tightlyCollapse )

Dec. 19th, 2009


(no subject)

pg, yehsung x ryeowook
100+ words
In an ideal world, Ryeowook would say, "I love you" and Jongwoon would reply with, "Me, too."
a/n: Based on an account of YeWook interactions in the home, according to EunTeuk, which was translated/summarized by starbeams to thundersquall, who of course flailed about it to me. :D The account is posted at the bottom of the fic. This is also based on speculation having to do with RyeoWook alluding to being "in love" after GDAs and his recently apathetic appearance at SJM interviews in Taiwan.

in an ideal world, ryeowook would come home from a hard day's work to jongwoon wreaking havoc in the kitchenCollapse )

Dec. 15th, 2009


(no subject)

g, kibum x donghae
kibum still hasn't shown and there are five missed calls on donghae's phone
a/n: Dedicated to ddangkkoma, even though I'm probably going to make her hate Kibum more and more every time I write him. :D;

one hour and fifteen minutesCollapse )

(no subject)

g, heechul x yunho
450+ words
Heechul holds Yunho's limp hand in his and watches as, eight years later, Yunho lets go of his dream.
a/n: This was based on the "We want to know more about Yunho" talk where he mentioned his dream to build a village for all his friends to live in. (Every house connected by a rainbow bridge, I'm sure. 8D)
additional note: Revised, taking into consideration comments from kpop_concrit. ^^; I think I was too vague before - I didn't really intend to make Yunho seem so naive and serious about this dream - so I tried to add a little more detail. :) Hopefully it's better for it. Thank you, guys!

yunho first tells heechul about his dream over an extra large sundaeCollapse )

(no subject)

putting on a show
pg-13, heechul x henry
350+ words
"Hyung, why... me?" he asks, flailing his violin wildly in near tears as Heechul comes up behind him to tilt his head back and direct him on how to act more like a rock star

so do you want to play violin for my special stage?Collapse )

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